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Ok, guys - here's the deal. I am broke. I used to be uber into Manga, but now that I've moved out, my priorities have shifted. However, I own over 500$ worth of it, and since I am so picky about my neatness with books, they are all in PERFECT condition (No creases or crinkles AT ALL)! So if you're a fan of manga, here's what I've got - ad they are all 5$ a piece, or best offer (I have not yet turned down an offer)! Shipping is FREE!

Marmalade Boy: entire collection (1-8)

MARS: entire collection (1-15)

Chobits: entire collection (1-8)

Forbidden Dance: #1 only

Sailor Moon: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #9, and #10

Sailor Moon S: #3 and #4

Please comment if you are interested! Pictures will be posted upon request. Crossposted everywhere!
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