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havent updated since august

Well, I have so much news to relate... why beat around the bush, I will just be straight forward... I am 25 1/2 weeks pregnant... found out today the baby is a little boy, I have decided his name is shaine alexander, I am still a full blown lesbian, if anything my one night encounter with the opposite species has only made me realize how gay I really am... my mother still hasnt talked to me since I moved to austin to be with jen, jen left me, I havent even seen her aywhere in town since thanksgiving day i saw her at walmart. Prolly for the better, I hid behind the chips isle and made my friend tell me when she was gone, the sight of her felt like a kick in my stomach, then I went buckwild and had six girlfriends for a few months, then I settled with a girl named sara that lasted a few weeks till i found out i was pregnant and i left her to dissapear and decide what i wanted to do about the baby... came back and she had decided she didnt want children and she doesnt want me back, I moved an old friend down here from nebraska who confessed her undying love for me only for her to leave me two weeks later for the guy she left behind in nebraska stating she never realized how much she loved him til they were apart, my best friend lauren has gone back to be with family in oregon for a month and half and I dont think she is going to come back except to get her stuff... sara still takes me to my dr appts and we spend the weekends together, but there is an impermeable wall, there is a girl here at work named georgia who is adorable... (Im not a stripper anymore, found a big girl mommy job working for cingular) dropped out of school cuz it was slowly turning me into one of those little plastic look alike yuppies, and I vow to never let that happen to me, I am proud to be an individual with a mind of my own... I will find a college that embraces that instead of shunning it... my job is great, and I have found i am really great at technology and electronics, and I suddenly have this new found understanding of math... but about georgia, wow... it is crazy how sober and all of a sudden self conscious i am, much like stan from south park... I infatuate over how adorable she is all day then she will talk to me, and i feel like I want to hurl because i am so nervous... everyone knows, she has to know, she has made a point it seems to talk to me and has even sat next to me at lunch one day in the break room, how ridiculous do I sound??? much like a middle school child, but i always talk and then want to kick myself in the head for sounding like such a dork, how should i find the balls to talk to her... Im all big and pregnant with a shaved head, I look like a knocked up teenage boy... its really strange... the liqour, drugs and nicotine that are suddenly gone sure did help with courage, no wit is just null and void.... what should i do, you fellow lesbians, what would you do if a pregnant chic approached you with hey... soooo... wanna go on a date sometime?
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